What is a CatSki? 
The CatSki is a Classical All Terrain ski, thus the name CatSki. The CatSki uses a system that is so innovative that it is patented. Click here to see how it works. 
The CatSki works on grass, asphalt, sand, dirt paths and pretty much any type of terrain you throw at it. It is as safe as walking and the best cardio vascular workout on the planet. If you are looking for one stop, all around cross country workouts, this is the product for you!

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People getting great cross country workouts with CatSkis.
Catski Videos 
Find out why Catski has become so popular among people world wide. The videos will provide further insight into the Catski and Catski technology. 
Click here to see video
Welcome to Catskier.com 
Our company is the leading manufacturer and distributor of the CatSki. Our one of a kind Catskis are essentially roller skis, but better - they are an innovative way to optimize your cross country workout by enabling you to ski on almost any types of surface. This product is a great investment for training when there is no snow or if you are just looking for a fantastic, complete exercise workout to get your body, heart and mind as fit as it can be. There is nothing better to get your blood pumping and your heart in shape than the CATSki
Improve Your Classical Technique 

The CatSki not only can work on virtually every surface it can improve your technique. When first getting on the CatSki they may feel weird and not like cross country skiing at all. This is because the CatSki is teaching you how to ski correctly. It will teach you the following technique:

*Complete weight transfer
*How to set your wax
*Will eliminate over striding/over gliding
*How to ski with a higher tempo
*They will eliminate any pauses in your technique

This CatSki can be used on your favorite ski trail all year round. 
This ski works well on grass, sand, gravel, snow, goose grease, slippery leaves, and ice (studded version) 
A great workout going up hills and safe coming down. 
Builds strength much more rapidly than any other ski. 
Poles don't slip because you are on grass, not pavement 
Allows you to ski out your back door and across your back yard. 
 These may seem as bold statements, but this is a bold ski. Some more bold statements about the CAT ski that were made by XC skiers.

"I'd rather CAT ski than snow ski because I get a better workout."
"Best invention since the wheel."
"I got them, so I could train with my best training buddy, my dog."


CatSkis are a great all terrain ski
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CatSkis -- Classical All Terrain Ski!

New 2018 Catski model 
-Improved shock absorber
-Stronger chassis parts
-Smoother glide
-Improved bungi holder
-Heavier duty Aluminum Slider
-Made In USA