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Catski.com was founded by Dale Niggemann over 7 years ago. Catski.com's focus has been to provide great cross country workouts with his quality ski equipment and develop the sport of cross country skiing with several clinics, races and tours. However, due to poor snow conditions for several years Dale decided to focus to developing a truly cross country ski. Dale Niggemann, mechanical engineer and world master champion, started the quest to make a better Classic all terrain ski around 12 years ago but he did not want to copy the competition. He wanted to beat the competition. So, he talk to coaches, did a few clinics with some coaches on classic technique, read a little about classic skiing and he came up with an idea late one night in his laboratory several years ago. The idea he came up with was the CatSki which stands for Classic All Terrain Ski and he means all terrain! Other manufactures say their ski are all terrain but they are not. The CatSkis give a smooth as snow glide on sand, ice, grass, pavement or mud. In fact they can go where mountain bikes can't even go! They are the best ski specific cross country workouts ever developed because they develop excellent classical ski technique, strength and cardio fitness all at the same time. Since the CatSkis are such a great workout you can train 30% less and still improve your fitness. Thus, the CatSki not only will make you a better skier they will also save you time. You will never have to worry about no snow because the CatSki will let you ski on your favorite trails without snow.

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