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2013 Catski Events
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2013 Clinics 
Learn the Cat 1 and Cat Alternate technique
After 1 year of testing and fine tuning. I am ready to teach you a new technique that will improve your classical as well as your skate technique. We have combined skate technique with classical technique and developed a hybrid technique of the two. The Cat 1 is a hybrid of  V1 and striding and the Cat Alternate is a hybrid of the V2 alternate and These techniques will help you in both classical and skate technique at the same time. This new technique will add another level to your ski training and develop your double technique.

CATSki Classical All Terrain Ski - Use anyplace, anytime, anywhere
Safer and easier to use than Cross Country Skis! Go to to see how they work.You will get the best cardiovascular, low-impact workout you will ever have! If you can walk, then you can use and master the CATSki very quickly no matter what your age!. CATSkis are so easy to use you don't have to be a seasoned skier to begin using them. So many people who can not run or work out due to bad knees and joints are turning to the CATSki because it is so low-impact and gentle on both body and joints - You will enjoy the great workout, we guarantee it.

CAT ski Clinic (Focus is on classical technique with cross over to skate technique)
-Try out the Classical All Terrain Roller CAT ski
-Learn how to cross country ski with good technique in less than one hour.
-Easy to use for all abilities, if you can walk you can CAT ski.
-You will learn to go down hills safely and easily.
-Equipment provided. Please call or email to reserve equipment. If you have your own equipment such as boots, poles or CAT skis please bring them.
-We will make you faster and more efficient with essentially one simple drill and we can prove it.
-We will look how maintaining momentum is crucial in ski technique.
-You will learn several workouts that will teach you how to ski faster
-Skate skier improve by incorporating classical skiing in their training.
-Do not miss your chance to improve your skiing from 5-15%.
-Clinic will last 1.0-2.0 hours depending on number of people participating.
-Cost $25.00-$50.00
-Please email or call 1-800-380-8412 to confirm that you are participating

Note: Do not forget your RUNNING SHOES, ski boots, and poles so you can learn the latest and greatest drills on core conditioning and strengthening ski specific muscles. (We can supply equipment but please call to confirm that we have your size. Cat Skis will be supplied if you don't have them.)

Call 1-800-380-8412 to Schedule Clinic or Demo for you area. 

More Fall Catski Clinic/Race Schedule 
Instructor: Dale Niggemann the inventor of the Catski and Master's 'World Champion and Master National Champion in 2007. Dale has taught 1000's of people to Catski and is excited to share his innovative training ideas with you.

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