Mark Wold (North American Vasa Champion 2006) “After training with the CAT ski for two years, I set a new PR in the American Birkebeiner classical division and improve by over one hour. Prior to CAT skiing, my PR had been four hours and two minutes. After one year, I broke the four hour mark for the first time with a time of three hours and fifty two minutes. The following year I skied three hours and one minute and just barely missed a wave one assignment! I have had similar PR performances at the Noquemanon and the North American Vasa, where I was the overall champion in 2006. The CAT ski allows me to train on virtually any type of terrain and in any type of weather. There is simply nothing like them!”

Chuck Wallin (Age group placer in Birkie) “Living in northern Illinois can be a challenge when racing against people who have real snow, but with the CAT ski I have the advantage because I can ski all the time. The CAT ski improved my classical technique which a snow ski or a roller ski cannot do as well. Thus, I have the edge now over the people that ski on snow up north. The CAT skis are the best device I ever used for ski training.”

Mark Walters (Bemidji high school ski coach) “I added the CAT ski to my high school cross ski program training program 2 years ago. I really like them for the ski specific workout that they provide. Besides this the CAT ski is very safe, they are fun to use, and they work great in large group training situation . The CAT skis work great because I can keep my athletes safe by being on the ski trail instead of the roads. The icing on the cake is that they are a great workout that builds strength and endurance. As far as the technique goes they develop great technique in a short period of time. The CAT skis teach my athletes how to classical ski correctly. Our team had our best year of results to date and went on to State.”

Jef Loss (Age group placer in Birkie) “I was a skeptic at first and thought I would never enjoy this contraption, but after Cat skiing 3 times for 30 minutes I became hook. I credit the CAT ski for taking at least 20 minutes off my Birkie time and I feel like I’m still improving.”

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